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"By 2017, the City of Portland will have experienced a net positive return on investment in its bicycle infrastructure of $500 million in healthcare savings and $200 million fuel savings."

Gotschi, Thomas. Costs and benefits of bicycling investments in Portland, Oregon. Journal of Physical Activity and Health, 2011,8 (Suppl 1), S49-S58.

via oregon metro regional active transportation plan, aug. 2013 draft, pg.19.

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i miss my dad, admittedly

so i’m growing up and as things get realer and realer, i could only imagine how my dad feels or had felt at the time of when he had realized all of this too. when i was a child i thought of absolutely nothing. i acted and just did. i moved to my own rhythm and thought intently of things that mattered and acted on it, most of the time i wouldn’t think. i’d talk just for the sake of talking and do just for the sake of doing and that made me happy. growing up and getting older you begin to expand on your range of thinking and it just turns into over thinking and now you’re not even thinking intently on anything. you’re thinking about everything and it stalls you, you stop growing at such a rate because you’re constantly trying to make sense of things that, for the most part, don’t need making sense out of. too many processes are going through your head.

i miss the days when all i did was hang out with my dad and just play tekken or soccer or hide and seek or tag or power rangers. i feel this way and i could only imagine how he felt when he realized all of this too as he was growing especially now since his dad is in the hospital. idk. i just feel less of being me.




Congratulations Mark Caasi for providing 2013-2014’s new FACT t-shirt design!  And thank you all who participated!
"The design is intended to do more than label ‘FACT’ as a group of Filipino Americans - to also advocate knowledge and speech about our culture.  The individual letters that spell out ‘FACT’ are characters taken from Filipino Mythology.  From left to right you have the Sarimanok, Duwende, Tikbalang, and Aswang.  The wearer of this design is then responsible for educating those curious about the design and mythos."

With Steve Aoki